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Donoussa is one of the smaller islands that lie around the much larger island Naxos. This group of islands has been given the name "Small Cyclades". Donoussa is the most isolated of the group and is situated on the eastside of Naxos. It is te most quiet of them all and not frequently visited by ferries. If the ferries go on strike, like they did during our visit, it can become too small.


Donousa is located 16 km (10 mi) east of the island of Naxos and about 25 km (16 mi) north of Amorgos. Its area is 13.75 square kilometres (5.31 sq mi) and its highest point is 385 metres (1,263 ft). Its population is 167 inhabitants (2011 census), most of which live in the main settlement Donousa (also Stavros).

Donoussa villages 


Clear, shallow, transparent turquoise sea water and golden sand on the beach of the harbour. This beach is in centre of the village of stavros and it is clean



The maps and the visitors call it Kedro but the inhabitants call it Kentro. It is the largest beach of the island with very green sea water and a lot of people are gathered daily. It is at a 1 km distance from the harbor of the island, Stavros, which is a twenty minute walk on foot. There was a German ship from the second World War on the seabed which was pulled up a few years ago. A part of its hull still stands out on the bottom. A small bar two minutes far away from the beach, provides you with drinks to quench your thirst on a hot day.



A large light coloured beach with turqoise sea water. You have two alternatives to reach it. One of them is the traditional launch which departs from Stavros daily in the morning and returns in the afternoon. The other one is by road up to Mersini following the path. It is a fifteen minute journey.



This is a small beach next to Livadi with a particullar feature the seaweed at the bottom of the sea near the beach.

Sapounohoma - The first beach of Kalotaritissa. It is near the road a, a few metres away from the village. Very small but pretty good.


Mesa amos

Mesa Amos is the main and the second beach of Kalotaritissa. It's got very green sea water and golden sand.

Tripiti - At the end of Mesa Amos there is a path that leads to Tripiti within 10 minutes. It is the last beach of the village. You have no access by car and it's ideal for those who prefer the isolation. It's name derives from the holes on the rocks.



Another isolated beach of the island. It's on the northest area of the island. A little bay with a small beach. It's a half an hour walk on a path but if you want to find it, you should ask the locals.

Vathi Limenari - A little bay next to Kedros beach. The access to this beach is through the path which starts from a district road.

Around Donoussa with helicopter View









Map with walking paths

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